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Snake slots… thrills at every spin!

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There are many curiosities about slots and some of them are related to the theme of these games. Today’s theme will be that of a very intriguing animal: the snake!

Being an animal without legs to move, the snake enchants those who see it with its undulating horizontal movements, leaving a very characteristic trail on the ground.

Protagonists of many legends, such as that of original sin or that of the anaconda, and emblazoned as a symbol of medicine and physiotherapy, snakes command respect for their agility and often for their lethality.

Well, in this post, we will take a look at some snake online slots and discover the characteristics of this fabulous animal present in Bodog slots. Come with us!

Snake: a different slot machine

different slot machine

The snake probably descended from animals that lost their legs to hunt in burrows. Without its legs, the snake mesmerizes by moving across the ground with unique movements. This slot is also unique: with a 7×7 matrix, that is, 7 lines with 7 reels, this slot impresses from the start.

As if its unusual presentation wasn’t enough, this slot also stands out for the way it works. It does not have spinning reels, but symbols that fall from top to bottom, generating possible winning combinations. Something similar to the old Tetris, where the pieces fell from above and had to fit them.

Finally, it should be mentioned that this game was created by Live 5 Games and its look is retro-futuristic, like the 80s ads, surrounded by bright colors and neon lights.

Snake & Ladders Deluxe: excitement and refinement

Snake & Ladders Deluxe

Slots players know that the games developed by Realistic are often above average compared to other developers. The company now offers the Deluxe version of its classic Snake & Ladders game.

Based on a three-reel, five-line matrix, this classic-style slot is a good option for the more traditional crowd. Comprised of multipliers, bonus features and a replay jackpot of up to x10, this slot offers good rewards.

The payout value of a bet is up to x600, making this game a good choice for those looking for big rewards.

With an RTP of 95.01%, which is currently considered average, Snake & Ladders Deluxe is a good choice for those who are looking for a classic slot with no major worries.

The snakes are on the loose!

Being the lucky animal of many people, snakes draw players into great thrills, with the potential for huge rewards.

Snake slots are worth a try even if you are not a snake lover. After all, you don’t take risks behind a screen. Good luck and may the snakes protect your winnings!

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