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American football betting statistics

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When betting, it is important to know some American football statistics. While some prefer to focus on touchdowns and the number of points, other more daring bettors look for stats that can yield much greater value.

Scoring in the first half

One of the moves most used by professional bettors is to study the performance of the team in the game. Teams that get a good score in the first half tend to manage the result in the second half.

Average yardage

Players use this measure to confirm the effectiveness of the best players on a team. It is also a measure of the overall performance of the attack.

Percentage of negative plays

negative plays

It is an analysis of the combination of two moves, interceptions and sacks (when the quarterback loses the ball). Teams with above average numbers tend to have a more organized and skilled defense.

Turnover (turnover)

It is when the attacking team loses possession of the ball in a play that passes the attacking team’s turn. It is normal for teams that commit a lot of turnovers to lose the game.

Stay up to date on the NFL

One of the great secrets of a good bettor is to be well informed. So stay updated. See if the team kept the roster, who they hired for the season, who is the coach, if the star of the team is playing in that round, etc. This information can make a difference in your bet.

Another tip is to check some statistics such as head-to-head, number of home and away wins. This is a good tip when betting on the NFL.

Win american football bets

american football bets

The American Football League, the NFL, is on fire this season. Some favorites have already shown what they came for as the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, at the hands of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In addition to surprises like Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For now, the New Orleans Saints are ahead of the odds at 3.20 for betting in the NFC. The Seattle Seahawks come next at odds of 4.50 and the Green Bay Packers have the smaller lead coming in third at 5.00.

The NFL Betting Leader

In the AFC, the betting leader is the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs at 2.25. In second place are the Pittsburgh Steelers with 3.50 bets. In third place are the Tennessee Titans with 11.00.

Who leads the bets to win the Super Bowl are the Kansas City Chiefs with 3.50. The Pittsburgh Steelers are in second place with 6.00 betting. Third place is the New Orleans Saints with 6.50.

With excitement at every round, sports betting is also growing around the competition. Now that you know a little about betting and know the main favourites, register on our website, find out about our promotions, redeem your promotional bonus and place a new bet on American football.

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