Myths About Online Poker

Five Common Myths About Online Poker

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Some gamblers give credence to various myths and misconceptions regarding online casino games. Users rely on fictitious stories about slot machines, table games as well as video poker. The main myths that relate to playing video poker are described in this article.

How does online poker work? 

Myths About Online Poker

We will not dwell in detail on the rules of online poker. But note that here all wins depend on the work of the random number generator.  The virtual deck of cards is constantly shuffled, even if the user took a break in the game. That is, the cards are shuffled continuously; If the client clicked on Deal, the top 5 cards from the deck will fall out on the screen; After that, the cards are further shuffled; If the user wants to change the cards, the random number generator will again take the top cards from the deck. This specific work provides random results of the distribution. Accordingly, it is impossible to predict them accurately. Thus, the random number generator does the work of the croupier. Verified online casinos with licensed software does not affect the work of the GSC, because it would be a violation of gambling laws. That’s why it is essential to choose only licensed and reliable casinos for playing. Bizzo Casino, for example, is one of those casinos you can gamble at without any bad feelings. 

The most common misconceptions about online poker:

Myths About Online Poker

Many myths about video poker are the same as those about slot machines. Let’s take a look at the misconceptions that apply to poker.

  1. Online poker gives you the possibility of stable earnings. Many gambling users do manage to apply online casino games as the main way to earn money. However, often this method of generating a steady income does not work. 
  2. Virtually every gambling user has met with the fact that the machine for a certain period did not produce winning combinations, or, conversely, constantly fell out of successful layouts. As a result, there was a story about “cold” and “hot” video poker. It is impossible to anticipate the work of the online machine. After each hand, completely randomly may fall one of the two and a half million combinations. With the help of HSC, one of them can be formed on the playing field. Laws that determine the sequence of falling out of specific layouts, in video poker are absent. Therefore, it is useless to believe that video poker has some mechanisms of combinations falling out.
  3. Intuition is the best helper for online poker players. Video poker is not the kind of entertainment where you should listen to intuition. Of course, intuitive illogical decision sometimes leads to the fallout of a successful combination. But it is better to act according to the specific situation, using mathematical calculations. Intuitive play over a long period does not work. Cards for exchange are determined in advance 
  4. There are “charged” machines. Of course, if the client of an online casino constantly loses, he may suspect that the resource is not the original software. You can even think that the player became the hero of a certain conspiracy theory.
  5. One of the most common myths is that every video poker game has certain winning and losing streaks. Therefore, playing for a certain period the user will get a frequent series of losses or wins. Of course, every player is at risk of getting a series of bad hands, but this does not mean that they are programmed in advance.


To play video poker brought the user pleasure, you need to forget about all sorts of myths, make the most of the profitable bonuses and promotions that the site offers, and have fun only in proven licensed online casinos.

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